Other sites with relevant information and/or research to the subject

Below a list of local and non-local internet sites, which provide information to local and international researchers/stakeholders interested in deforestation/development issues, is provided. This list is tol be updated and expanded as time passes.

The FAO Forest Resource Assessment site Among the things you can find here are the following publications on deforestation per country as done in the year 2000 for downloading:

Working paper 40 : Belize

Working paper 36 : Costa Rica

Working paper 37 : El Salvador

Working paper 13 : Guatemala

Working paper 44 : Honduras

Working paper 34 : Nicaragua

Working paper 41 : Panama

World Resources Institute

Projecto Centro Americano de Informacion Geografica

Red Eco-Regional Para America Latina

Revista: Red de Estudios Sobre Sociedad, Naturaleza y Desarrollo(THEOMAI)

Articulos: Red de Estudios Sobre Sociedad, Naturaleza y Desarrollo(THEOMAI)

The World Bank's Archieved Discussions

The World Bank: Central America Enviornment projects

The World Bank's Evaluation Site

The World Bank's Data Site

World Bank's Forest Policy Review and Strategy

FAO - RLC Publications on Line

Meta Base de Bibliografia de relevancia para Centro America

USAID/Central AmericaRegional Programs

USAID/Central American Regional

FAO - Latin American and Caribbean Forestry Commission

The nature Conservancy/Central American Vegetation/Land Cover Classification and Conservation Status

Cloud Forest Alive

Corredor Biologico Centro Americano

The MesoAmerican Environmental Law Network

Central America World Atlas

Central American Commission on Environment and Development(CCAD)

Regional Technical Assistance Unit(RUTA)

Sustainable Development Reporting Project

Central America's National Parks

Coordination Centre for the Prevention of Natural Disasters in Central America

LANIC/Central America Regional Resources: Governments and NGOs links

Rain Forest Deforestation and Related Issues 

Rain Forest Deforestation Statistics

Tropical Rain Forest and Related Issues

Deforestation, Erosion and Tropical Rain Forests

Issues on Deforestation and Climate Change in Central America

Issues on Population, Development and Deforestation in Central America

Tropical Deforestation Causes

Amazon Deforestation and Rainfall Shortages

Tropical Deforestation Rates: FAO Assessment 2003

Central America Environmental Resources

Forest Conservation Archives, South and Central America

Conservation and Deforestation in Costa Rica

Firewood and Deforestation

Seeing Forest for the Trees

Hunduras and Deforestation

Forest and Deforestation

Lowland Settlement and Environmental Impact in Central America

Population Growth and Deforestation

Livestock and Deforestation in Central America

Deforestation in Panama

Preliminary Forest Changes Estimates, 1990 for the MBO Corridor

Workshop on the Underlying Causes of Deforestation and Forest Degradation, 1999

Debt, Deforestation and Climate Change: Central America

Forest, Grasslands and Drylands, WRI

Biodiversity and Protected Areas, WRI

Deforestation and Huracan Mitch

FAO References on Deforestation Issues

EEC-Central America Framework Cooperation Agreement

Report on the Meso-American Biological Corridor(MBC), Denmark

Forest Land Degradation

Reducing Vulnerability to Natural Hazards: Lessons Learned from Huracan Mitch

Forestry Issues: Central American Wetlands

Biodiversity Hotspots-Caribbean-Overview/

Biodiversity Hotspots-Resource-Glossary

BBC NEWS-Science/Nature-Map: Biodiversity Hotspots

BBC NEWS-Science/Nature=Map: Biodiverstiy Hotspots

Future Harvest Organization/Biodiversity

Predicting Land Use Dynamics in the Neotropics: the Role of Livestock

LEAD-Livestock, Environment and Development-LEAD Hotspots

Central America-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Mexico Internet Usage and Central America Population Statistics

Test Your Geography Knowledge - Central America

Deforestation Figures for Selected Countries

Deforestation-Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Chatper 10: Forest and Deforestation

Deforestation: Wold Deforestation Rates and Forest Cover Statistics, 2000-2005

The IMF: Selling the Environment Short in Latin America

Costa Rica Eco-Tourism

Colonization and Environment: Land Settlement Project in Central America…

WWF-Deforestation Rates Decrease in the Amazon

National Space Science and Technology Center-NSSTC

CPD: Central America Regional Overview

Trade and Environment Database(TED): Central America and Caribbean

Central America : Geography

Unverlying Causes of Deforestation

Geography of Mexico and Central America

GEO-2000: Chapter Two: The State of the Environment - Latin America

Please, if you know of local and non-local internet sites relevants to Deforestation in Central America let me know at munoz@interchange.ubc.ca so that they can be listed here for the benefit of everybody interested in these issues in and outside the Region.


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