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The bibliography used in my thesis

This bibliography has a collection of research work on the areas of quantitative research, qualitative research, qualitative comparative research, and rapid assessment research.

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My academic contribution

The list of my academic work up to now is provided with the hope of creating interest, use, and perhaps replications of some of the ideas presented. The list contains published work, work on process to publication, work available for discussion and review, and work planned. Access or links to my published work will be provided and selected, and temporary access will be given to the rest of the work.

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Some of my academic work/comments in the internet

This section contains some of my academic work and comments about my academic work in different places on the internet.

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Other sites and research on or relevant to the subject

This section is intended to list internet sites relevant to the subject as well as deforestation research done by other researchers in Central America, local and non-local researcher, on local or regional scale. If you would like your site or work listed here, just send me the information and I will add it.

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